Employee Retention Leads to Success

The employee landscape is rapidly changing. Understanding the employee experience is critical for companies to retain skilled employees and operate competitively in the marketplace. According to Gallup, companies that increase their number of talented managers and double the rate of engaged employees achieve, on average, 147% higher earnings per share than their competition.

Businesses need strategies to identify high performing employees and to create an environment where they will be fully engaged. If you want to attract and develop “A” players, you need to find ways to enrich the employee experience that will lead to productive and purposeful work.

While every business wants an “A” player, most don’t have the strategies in place to retain top talent. Core Business Solutions  helps companies navigate these issues and identify where they need assistance. A Core Team member will ask:

  • Do you have a strategy in place for talent acquisition and employee engagement?
  • How do you find the “A” players, and develop these high potentials?
  • What resources, benefits and programs in your organization are dedicated to employee retention?
  • Are your managers equipped to train and lead your high performers?

Maureen Hurd, President of Core Business Solutions, agrees with these strategies from a recent TLNT article, 5 Retention Strategies for a High Performing Environment:

  1. Hire retainable employees: Work with your managers and top performers to identify what skills and personality characteristics your retainable employees have in common.
  2. Plan careers, don’t fill roles: Help your employees attain career goals, with an expectation they’ll outgrow roles they were hired for.
  3. Make retention personal: Every employee is motivated differently, make it personal by building an individual relationship.
  4. Get to the heart of underperformance: If performance drops, find the heart of the problem before writing the situation off. Feedback is vital to the refined people process that supports success and curtails turnover.
  5. Invest in your line managers: Remember, employees do not quit jobs, they quit managers. Are you taking the time to choose your leaders?

As employee retention shifts gears from filling roles to building careers, Core Business Solutions recommends authentic communication between employees and managers. Our firm encourages open and consistent dialogue around employer expectations and employee goals which lead to higher employee engagement.

Identifying high potential talent and creating a strong employee experience will lead to higher retention.

To find the right talent and grow your organization, talk with Maureen Hurd (262) 347-0575) or visit the About Us Page.

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