Executive Search Process

Individually-Driven Searches

A Proven Process for Executive Searches

Identifying the best candidate for our clients

Preparation.  Core Business Solutions invests time and energy into getting to know the client before starting any executive search.  “It’s critical to understand our client’s culture, structure, strategy, and future goals, so we can place the most suitable and effective person”, says Maureen Hurd, President.


bg-image-4Understanding.  Through the process, Core Business Solutions works with the client to develop a specific position profile of the ideal candidate; experience, skill set, results, education, and personality to ensure a great fit. Careful, individual selection of candidates is an approach honed by Core Business Solutions over the past 15 years. The Core team leverages the relationships of its trusted network, their portfolio of prescreened candidates, and specific resources to identify high-potential candidates.


Compatibility.  Having conducted thousands of interviews, the Core team knows whether or not a potential candidate will be compatible for an open position. Clients will receive candidates that are prescreened, interviewed, referenced, and assessed.  During the interview process, the Core team goes beyond simply matching a job description to the candidate’s resume.  Their interviewing approach reveals potential issues or exceptional qualities that impact the success of the search.